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mgb transmission rebuild

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Using Priority Curve Algorithm in Sports Video Summarization

Video summarization is the process to represent the content of video in effective manner.It is based on two types , static video summary and dynamic video skimming . Static video summary is the process that selects a set of salient images (called key frames) extracted or synthesized from the original video to represent the video contents. Dynamic video skimming is method to make the original video as several short video clips it can be done by using two -ways. It’s objective is to extract the main events (highlights of the match) from cricket video and make a short summary of the match so that it can take a small memory space as well as for fast content browsing transmission, and also retrieval.

Stability Analysis of AC Transmission Line Using FACTS

Due to the rapid technological progress, the consumption of electric energy increases continuously. But the transmission systems are not extended to the same extent because building of new lines is difficult for environmental as well as political reasons. Hence, the systems are driven closer to their limits resulting in congestions and critical situations endangering the system security. Power Flow Control devices such as Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) provide the opportunity to influence power flows and voltages and therefore to enhance system security, e.g. by resolving congestions and improving the voltage profile. Several kinds of FACTS controllers have been commissioned in various parts of the world. This paper presents various types of FACTS devices such as: load tap changers, phase-angle regulators, static VAR compensators, thyristorcontrolled series compensators, interphase power controllers, static compensators, and unified power flow controllers.

Detection and analysis of leaf curl virus from Jatropha

Geminiviruses are a group of plant viruses that contain circular single stranded (ss) DNA genomes encapsidated in small twinned icosahedral capsids .The virus DNA A plus strand encodes the coat protein (CP/AV1) essential for viral transmission by whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci)[4]. Jatropha has been found to have strong molluscicidal activity and the latex to be strongly inhibitory to watermelon mosaic virus. It is also listed as a homicide, piscicide and raticide. Jatropha is considered as a poor quality fuelwood since the soft wood burns too rapidly. In Africa, Jatropha is widely planted as a “living fence” and hedgerows to protect food crops from damage by livestock and as a windbreak to prevent soil erosion moisture depletion. In Madagascar, Jatropha is used as a support plant for Vanilla. Jatropha is grown both as a vegetable and a spice crop[1]. Out of the 22 viruses infecting jatropha, mosaic and leaf curl disease are the most devastating.[5]Virus type--Single stranded DNA virus

Improved Security in WSNs with Quantum Logic Gates and Quantum Teleportation

Recent developments in technology have made possible the widespread deployment of small, low power and dense wireless networks, known as wireless sensor networks which collect and disseminate environmental data. In such networks communications can be easily monitored and hence data transmission and reception between the nodes must be encrypted using a secret key. Furthermore, the distribution of secret key used in encryption of data in a very large network is a cause for the reduced efficiency of the network. The scheme of using quantum teleportation as a mechanism to distribute quantum data over a sensor network offers huge advantage over traditional methods. In this paper an EPR-Pair scheme is implemented in terms of quantum gates to achieve higher degree of immunity from eavesdropping of malicious nodes.

Power and Delay Optimized Edge Triggered Flip-Flop for low power microcontrollers.

The demand for low power circuit design has increased tremendously due to explosive growth of battery operated portable devices like Microcontroller.Microcontroller uses register blocks that are inturn consists of flip flops. The mandate to reduce system power consumption and design energy-efficient ICs has led to the increasing use of low-power IC design techniques that prolong the battery life. In this paper, a novel highly efficient power and delay optimized True Single Phase clocked (TPSC) edge triggered flip-flop has been proposed. The proposed circuit uses lesser number of transistors than the conventional transmission gate D flip-flop that reduce the overall power and delay.The proposed design is also free from both glitch and charge sharing problems making it suitable for high speed and low power applications. The circuits are simulated in TANNER EDA simulation tool using PTM 180nm technology files to compare the performance of proposed circuit with the existing ones. The circu

Preliminary electrical energy audit analysis of mineral based industry

India has long been recognized as a nation well endowed in natural mineral resources. India is ranked 4th amongst the mineral producer countries, behind China, United States and Russia, on the basis of volume of production. It is an extremely important sector and contributes significantly to our Gross Domestic Product. As our country India rather whole world is moving towards track of energy efficiency, one should have idea of how energy efficiency in every electrical system starting from power generation, power transmission, power distribution to the energy consumer load centre’s can be achieved. It is very essential and pertinent not only for country’s economic development but also for achieving Sustainable environment. In this paper concept of preliminary electrical energy audit, methodology of audit, results and findings of preliminary audit of mineral based industry has been discussed.

Detection of Fault in Fixed Series Compensated Transmission Line during Power Swing Using Wavelet Tr

At the time of power swing the measured impedance lies inside the relay operating region. There is undesired tripping of Distance relay during power swing without having any fault. So relay must be blocked & must trip after a fault occur during power swing. This paper presents new technique to detect fault during power swing. In the proposed technique process starts by simulating the double transmission line with one line series compensated. When we connect a fixed capacitor in one transmission line, fault detection become more difficult. The detection of symmetrical fault during swing is more difficult. So the proposed technique can easily detect any fault during swing with series compensated line. Sampled data of current and voltage passes through wavelet transform. It decomposes it into different levels. Then we calculate total energy of some selective levels of current and voltage. A double circuit line model is simulated in EMTDC/PSCAD.

Data Centric Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Abstract- Sensor networks are quite different from traditional networks in different ways: sensor networks have severe energy concerns, redundant low-rate data, and many-to-one flows. Routing protocols developed for other adhoc networks cannot be applied directly in WSN because of the energy constraint of the sensor nodes. Data-centric technologies are needed to perform in-network aggregation of data to yield energy-efficient dissemination. Sensor networks are used in many applications like environment monitoring, health, industrial control units, military applications and in the various computing environments. Since sensor the entire sensor node are battery powered devices, energy consumption of nodes during transmission or reception of packets affects the life-time of the entire network. In this paper we model data-centric routing and compare its performance with traditional end-to-end routing schemes.

A Comparative Analysis on Encryption and Decryption Algorithms

Abstract- In this modern world of communications, cryptography has an important role in the security of data transmission and is the best method of data protection against passive and active fraud. Cryptography is an algorithmic process of converting a plain text or clear text message to a cipher text or cipher message based on an algorithm that both the sender and receiver know. There are a number of algorithms for performing encryption and decryption, but comparatively few such algorithms have stood the test of time. The most successful algorithms use a key. In this paper, we may gain knowledge about the cryptography algorithms and its role in Encryption and Decryption.

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